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Samuel “Sam” Levy

March 2, 1957 - March 26, 2018

Sam Levy, was a man of integrity who pride himself on being an active force throughout his community. He strongly believed in helping other, and often went beyond the call of duty regardless of the circumstances. He was a beloved husband to Dorothy M. Levy, and dedicated father to his children, Terrance, Kevin, & Samantha.

Sam was known for his creativity and innovation. He was the founder, owner and master operator of Sam Levy and Sons Photography Studio, located in the downtown area of Manning, SC. A business solely established out of the love for his children, and his passion of photography. Sam’s passion for photography was developed in 1983, after receiving a Nikon Camera, as a wedding gift from his sister. His drive and desire for being behind the lenses, and bringing memorable moments to life, afforded him the opportunity to be in business for the past thirty years.

Sam also had a passion and love for cars. He loved to keep them extremely clean and in pristine condition. He enjoyed attending car shows, and putting his prize possessions on display. He traveled to various car shows throughout the state of South Carolina, and eventually hosted an annual car show of his own. He instilled the love of cars to his sons, which they continue to proudly carry on his tradition.

Sam was a friend to many, and loved being the life of the party. He was very hardworking, dedicated to his craft and loved his community. Sam left long-lasting, impactful memories to all those he touched. His passion and commitment continues to live through his wife, children and photography studio, and he will forever remain a huge source of inspiration throughout his community.